About Us

The ECCC Story

East Coast Cricket Club (ECCC) was formed as a result of restructure within the Halifax Cricket League (HCL), which is governed by the Nova Scotia Cricket Association (NSCA). The core members of ECCC were part of Halifax Gold team in the former centralized HCL. Halifax Gold dominated the league by winning the HCL championships in 2016 and 2017.

As an independent cricket club, ECCC intends to continue this culture by recruiting competent players from other teams and regions as well as providing opportunities to players new to the Halifax cricket scene.

Game Format

Teams are entered into Division 1 and Division 2 formats of the HCL. Most games are in the T20 format with a small number of 40 over games. The season starts in late May and wraps up in early October, with all games at the Halifax Common.

Our Philosophy

At ECCC, we believe in cultivating a competitive, yet friendly structure to going about playing the game we all love. Halifax Cricket League (HCL) has evolved into a very competitive league over the years, with each club showcasing their best talents in Division 1 and Division 2 games.

Our new members begin their journey with opportunities provided in Division 2 games and then based on their performance are promoted to being selected for Division 1 games. Similarly under-performing players in Division 1 team are relegated to Division 2 team to provide them an opportunity to earn their position. Team managers for each division ensure that fair opportunities are provided to players to showcase their skillset for games in both the divisions. Team captains usually provide feedback to each player to improve their game.

ECCC regularly organizes net training sessions during regular and off seasons for additional training opportunities. Team socials are organized to keep the players, captains, managers, board members, and sponsors engaged with the club in casual setting.

Engaging with ECCC

Anyone interested in getting involved with ECCC, as a player, supporter, or sponsor are encouraged to get in touch with us using our “Contact Us” section as well as via our social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.